Hanselman Starter Project for Xamarin

Forked from https://github.com/jamesmontemagno/Hanselman.Forms and converted to a Visual Studio project template called Hanselman Starter Project. Start your new cross-platform projects or prototypes and hit the floor running with this framework based on the original sample Hanselman.Forms app


Originally coded in 2010 and published in the form of a CodeProject article, this was my first entry into the OSS world.  This library helps bridge the gap between the Dev and DBA, in environments where developers have no control over the format in which data is returned from the database.  

This is not a standard mapping library in that it does not rely on similarly named columns and properties, nor does it depend on the order in which columns are returned.  It is meant to eliminate manually mapping columns to properties with datasets that have already been materialized.


Cut down on extra bytes by obfuscating large Json objects before sending them!  JsonObfuscator makes use of JSON.Net custom Contract Resolver to serialize/deserialize objects to/from obfuscated Json.


EFEagerLoad allows you to easily and selectively eager load your Entity Framework entities (Collections and straight entities) using isolated project model selectors.

While EDMX's become a thing of the past they are far from extinct. Too often, auto-generated navigation property default names can be vague and difficult to work with (e.g. Company.Employees, Company.Employees11). EFEagerLoad can help facilitate eager-loading these navigation properties based on your POCO mappings.

Using EntityFramework extention method .Include(...) on a complex query aggregation, can often yield unexpected results. EFEagerLoad can help ensure that the desired entities are always returned.