AweSamNet is committed to contributing to the OSS community who have helped so many in our day-to-day careers. 

"When we are free to collaborate, we create. We can solve problems that no one person may be able to solve on their own." -

The Art of Code

Some people knit, some paint and others play beautiful music. My art is my code. When my creative juices start flowing, I head to my keyboard. Open-source allows me to create in a safe and unrestrained environment, each project a living piece of code.

Full Stack

My proficinecies revolve around but are certainly not limited to the .NET stack. From front to back end, my preferred technologies are as follows:

  • AngularJs or even straight jQuery
  • MVC Razor or Web API
  • .NET, Redis Cache, SeriLog, NUnit
  • EntityFramework or Dapper
  • MS SQL

So how do you get paid?

To me, open-source is less about getting paid and more about creating art and useful tools. I have always believed in multiple streams of income, and that allows and even inspires me to do what I love. I always look forward to discussing business, so drop me a line and we'll chat!